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Argon 18 Electron Frameset


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General Information

Argon 18 is reintroducing the Electron.  It’s still a badass aluminum-tubed velodrome beast, but lighter, just as stiff, and more aerodynamic.  It’s great for wrenching maximum velocity out of your muscles while keeping you piloting a straight line all the way around the bend.

Track bikes should be nice without being delicate.  They should be simple and without pretense.  The Electron hits these points, with the matte finish amping up the understatement.

The fixed-gear world is growing.  Tracks are getting steeper and the road beckons.  The geometry is set up to be both at home on the shortest banked ovals and out on the road.  Angles are steep, with minimal bottom bracket drop and super-short chainstays so the wheel gets tucked in behind you.

For the trackies, the aero tube shaping found in the fork, downtube, seat tube and seatpost eke out those marginal gains that really make a difference at the finish line.  For the fixie-loving roadies, the shaping brings a deliberate modern style to pavement.  And for those who live to do both, well, it’s got the magic on both fronts.

To bring the Electron back out, Argon 18 developed a new, lighter tube set.  It’s crafted from their triple-butted 3005 Thermo Tech material.  For durability, they forged the rear fork tips out of harder steel to make sure that even the most over-wrought mechanic couldn’t dent them. They threaded the bottom bracket English for the widest array of bottom bracket and crank choices.  The fork is carbon-fiber top to bottom, with a straight 1 1/8” steerer for simplicity and aerodynamics.

The seatpost is made of aluminum to minimize weight.  It’s aero and secured to the frame with a proprietary two-part clamp.

The frame comes with fork, headset, seatpost and clamp.

The Argon 18 Electron is the single-speeder for all rides of life.

Electron Frameset Specifications

  • Bottom Bracket Type BSA / 68mm, English Thread
  • Fork Argon 18 E-99 Carbon
  • Frame Material Triple-Butted Aluminum
  • Headset FSA Orbit IS-2
  • Seatpost Argon 18 Aero Carbon
*Specifications are subject to change.

Electron Frameset Geometry / Size Chart

Bike Geometry
Size Size Seat Tube (c-c) Seat Tube (c-c) Seat Tube (c-t) Seat Tube (c-t) Top Tube Length Top Tube Length Head Tube Length Head Tube Length Chain Stay Length Chain Stay Length Seat Tube Angle Seat Tube Angle Head Tube Angle Head Tube Angle Stand Over Height Stand Over Height Wheel Size Wheel Size Stack Stack Reach Reach
XS XS 410 410 500 500 90 90 383 383 76.0 76.0 74.0 74.0 670 670 700c 700c
S S 510 510 520 520 100 100 383 383 75.0 75.0 74.5 74.5 755 755 700c 700c
M M 540 540 540 540 125 125 383 383 74.5 74.5 74.5 74.5 780 780 700c 700c
L L 570 570 560 560 150 150 383 383 74.0 74.0 74.5 74.5 803 803 700c 700c


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