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2017 Pivot LES 29 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame


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2017 Pivot LES 29 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame


Lighter, stiffer, more comfortable — these qualities surface constantly across the industry, the droning chant of XC monks touting their manufacturing prowess in catalogues and marketing materials. With the latest LES 29 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame, Pivot is no different; however, its claims do enjoy one difference to set them apart from the droning masses. Having ridden the bike’s predecessor, we know that light, stiff, and more comfortable are accurate descriptors of what the LES 29 feels like on the trail, so when Pivot claims the newest model has is even more devoted to improvements in all these areas, we’re inclined to take note.

All told, the latest model is a claimed 50g lighter than the previous LES. Pivot attributes this weight loss to updated carbon fiber construction, but the new Swinger II rear dropout system is also lighter than the OG Swinger. Lower weight typically means less efficiency, but the Swinger II interface is also stiffer, which is likely attributable to the Boost 148mm rear axle. Like the heavier model it’s effectively replacing, the latest LES is built with the goal of balancing comfort and efficiency — the holy grail of trail tuning a frame.

While the frame’s carbon construction is notable, the key difference between LES 29 generations is the Swinger II dropout system. Whereas the previous LES 29’s Swinger design was a last gasp effort to keep pure 29ers relevant in a world increasingly dominated by 27.5 wheels, Swinger II simply incorporates mid-sized hoops by allowing the frame to switch between 29 and 27.5+ wheels. It also still allows for singlespeed conversion that addresses the common issues of brake interference and chain tension. The design swings around a pivot that’s located in front of the upper post mount of the brake to maintain chain tension with a negligible effect to the LES’ geometry. Since it can also be run as a double or a one-by and includes electronic porting, the new LES 29 is compatible with pretty much every major innovation that has demonstrable value.

The frame is laid-up with high-modulus carbon fiber and a Pivot’s own hollow core, internal molding process. Since the material is compacted to a rigid internal form, the shape and thickness of the walls is precisely controlled. This eliminates the finishing steps that other manufacturers’ frames require, which involve adding resin and reinforcement to address imperfections. Adding material means adding weight, and the presence of structural imperfections make for a less sound frame whose stiffness and trail-tune can very radically from what the engineers drew up in their design software. Pivot’s construction process eliminates all these variables by leaving nothing to chance and ensuring that every frame rolling off the mold rides the way it’s supposed to.

And that’s a good thing, because this frame is designed to leave scorch marks across gopher holes on XC courses. The huge over-sized box section down tube and bottom bracket juncture is basically a capacious maw that feeds power efficiently into the rear wheel. The tapered head tube also helps in this regard, but it’s most welcome for keeping tracking on point through tricky sections of trail furniture. The stays are shaped with the same hunger as the down tube, devouring trail chatter before it hits the seatpost while maintaining the drive spine’s efficiency.


2017 Pivot LES 29 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame

Frame Material:

carbon fiber

Wheel Size:

29 in, 27.5+ in

Fork Travel:

[recommended] 100 – 130 mm

Head Tube Diameter:

44/56mm Zero Stack

Headset Included:


ISCG Tabs:


Cable Routing:


Front Derailleur Mount:


Brake Type:

post-mount disc

Seatpost Diameter:

30.9 mm

Rear Axle:

12 x 148mm Boost


Swinger II

Recommended Use:

cross country

Manufacturer Warranty:

3 years

Actual Weight:

Blue, M: 1470g


2017 Pivot LES 29 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame


LES 29
100mm Travel Fork
  Seat Tube


Effective Top Tube






Stand Over Head Tube


Head Tube Angle


Seat Tube Angle


Bottom Bracket Height




S 16in 22.9in 23.96in 15.57in 28.5in 3.85in 69.3o 73o 12.1in 17.1in 42.58in
M 17.75in 23.9in 24.13in 16.29in 29.2in 4in 69.5o 72.5o 12.1in 17.1in 43.27in
L 19in 24.5in 24.83in 16.66in 29.6in 4.45in 69.5o 72.5o 12.1in 17.1in 43.9in
XL 21in 25.5in 25.64in 17.43in 29.7in 5.5in 70o 72.5o 12.1in 17.1in 44.74in


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