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2017 Pinarello Dogma F10 Dura-Ace Di2 Complete Road Bike


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2017 Pinarello Dogma F10 Dura-Ace Di2 Complete Road Bike


Compared to the F8, the F10’s asymmetry is technically more pronounced on the top tube, which cheats a bit more to the right, and the seat junction, which sees a slight tweak. Pinarello’s tests indicate that these minor adjustments make the frame stiffer and lighter. If they’re not solely responsible for the 7% and 6.3% improvements listed above, they’re certainly key contributors. Despite those remarkable claims, the changes are hard to detect with the naked eye (hence “technically” above), and the frame’s asymmetry is much more apparent in places like the seat stay/seat tube junction.

The F10’s enhanced asymmetry give it one of the most immediately recognizable silhouettes in the industry, but those lines aren’t just artistry; they’re inspired by the Dogma F10’s Bolide TT DNA, which surfaces both in its sinuous lines and in myriad, cumulative gains in aerodynamics. These gains start where drag starts: at the front dropout. While designing the Bolide TT, Pinarello’s wind tunnel tests indicated that the introduction of a quick-release lever causes a disproportionate gain in drag. This is addressed through the addition of a ForkFlap, which is a somewhat inelegant term for the extra fin of material Pinarello tucks behind the quick-release lever.

Naming convention aside, Pinarello’s subsequent testing found that the fork flap reduced drag on the Bolide fork by 10%, and the brand reasons that adding it to the less-aerodynamic Dogma makes for even greater drag reduction. That’s not to say that the original fork design is slow, but is an indication of Pinarello’s R&D ethos. It’s an obsessively minute detail to focus on, but the Italian brand’s reputation is built on obsessing over minute details in order to exploit every possible marginal gain.

This focus extends to the F10’s down tube, which was designed to reduce drag on its own and to serve as a shield for the trailing bottles and seat tube, reducing the net drag of the frame’s entire main triangle by 12.6% when compared with the already impressive gains made by the F8. Securing these gains involved a complete reimagining of the down tube, but the key contributor is a newly introduced concavity in the back of the down tube under below the bottle cage bosses. By scooping this section out, Pinarello found that the frame better controls airflow, reducing the turbulent wake that results in drag. Like the F8, the F10 also boosts bidon aerodynamics by lowering the rear cage, which the brand credits with part of the F8’s overall 47% reduction in drag when compared with the Dogma 65.1.

These reductions come in addition to the aerodynamic gains already enjoyed by the Dogma F8, which is itself more aerodynamic than the 65.1 that Wiggins and Froome both rode to Tour victories. The key to these gains lies in the tubes’ FlatBack profile. As we’ve laboriously detailed elsewhere, this shape is the brainchild of another Italian/British collaboration: Pinarello and Jaguar. FlatBack is an apt description, as a cross-section reveals an ovalized face paired with an abruptly truncated back half. This manages the detachment of turbulent lamina at multiple yaw angles, reducing the drag effect of dead air in the tubes’ wake.

Given that the F8’s material composition essentially defines the current zenith of carbon fiber technology, it’s no surprise that Pinarello sticks with the same materials for the F10. The carbon itself is provided by another proven industry partner, the renowned carbon geniuses at Toray, whose Japanese factory produces arguably the most consistent, highest quality, and most reliable carbon composite in the world. By taking advantage of Toray’s composite expertise, the Dogma F10 builds on its predecessor’s reputation as one of the stiffest and lightest all-purpose race bikes we’ve ever ridden. It owes its superlative quality to a combination of a super-stiff base carbon, T1100G Dream Carbon reinforcement, and NanoFlex impact-diffusion technology.

Lower weight and higher stiffness often mean an unfortunate amount of road noise and bumps travel straight up the seat stays and into the saddle; however, the F10—as the F8 before it—addresses this tendency by rerouting the seatstays to connect below the seat junction and incorporating the traditional Pinarello wave. The repositioning sends road noise and bumps into the main triangle, and that slight curve adds engineered flex to further diffuse fatiguing chatter.


  • Pinarello’s new flagship road machine is lighter and stiffer
  • All-purpose race geometry proven in sprints and high mountains
  • Equal parts aerodynamics, urgent handling, and stiff efficiency
  • Top-tier Japanese carbon fiber and Italian frame expertise
  • Internal routing for clean, uninterrupted lines
  • Carbon wheels enhance the frame’s already responsive handling
  • Shimano’s electronic drivetrain delivers precise, customizable shifts


2017 Pinarello Dogma F10 Dura-Ace Di2 Complete Road Bike


Frame Material:

Toray T1100 1K Dream Carbon Fiber



Fork Material:

Toray T1100 1K Dream Carbon Fiber


Shimano Dura-Ace Di2

Front Derailleur:

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2

Rear Derailleur:

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2


50/34t Shimano Dura-Ace

Bottom Bracket:

[shell] Italian threaded

Crank Arm Length:

[51.5cm] 170mm, [55cm] 172.5mm, [57.5cm] 175mm


[51.5cm] 11-28t, [55cm] 11-30t, [57.5cm] 11-28t


Shimano Dura-Ace

Brake Type:



Most Jaguar XC

Handlebar Width:

[51.5cm] 42cm, [55cm] 44cm, [57.5cm] 46cm


Most Tiger Ultra 3k Aero

Stem Length:

[51.5cm] 110mm, [55cm] 120mm, [57.5cm] 130mm


Dogma Aero


Fulcrum Racing 4 Carbon

Actual Weight:

167 Black Lava, 57.5cm: 7240g

Recommended Use:


Manufacturer Warranty:

2 years on frame



Dogma F10
Seat Tube


Effective Top Tube






Head Tube


Head Tube Angle


Seat Tube Angle


Bottom Bracket Drop




42cm 41.5cm 49.8cm 49.3cm 35.1cm 10.5cm 69.15o 74.4o 6.7cm 40.6cm
44cm 43.5cm 50.3cm 50.1cm 35.7cm 11cm 70o 74.4o 6.7cm 40.6cm
46.5cm 45.5cm 51.5cm 51.2cm 37.3cm 11.5cm 70.5o 74.4o 7.2cm 40.6cm
50cm 48cm 52.5cm 52cm 37.4cm 12cm 71.4o 74o 7.2cm 40.6cm
51.5cm 49.5cm 53.5cm 52.7cm 38cm 12.5cm 72o 73.7o 7.2cm 40.6cm
53cm 51cm 54.5cm 54.2cn 38.6cm 13.9cm 72.5o 73.7o 7.2cm 40.6cm
54cm 52cm 55cm 55cm 38.6cm 14.7cm 72.8o 73.4o 7.2cm 40.6cm
55cm 53cm 55.7cm 56.1cm 38.9cm 15.8cm 72.8o 73.4o 7.2cm 40.8cm
56cm 54cm 56.5cm 56.9cm 39.1cm 16.5cm 73.2o 73o 7.2cm 40.8cm
57.5cm 55.5cm 57.5cm 58.4cm 39.7cm 17.9cm 73.7o 73o 7.2cm 40.8cm
59.5cm 57.5cm 58.7cm 61.2cm 39.4cm 21.5cm 73.4o 72.4o 6.7cm 40.8cm
62cm 61.5cm 62cm 65.1cm 41cm 25.5cm 73.4o 72o 6.7cm 41.1cm


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