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2017 Niner RIP 9 RDO 27.5+ 3-Star XT Complete Mountain Bike


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2017 Niner RIP 9 RDO 27.5+ 3-Star XT Complete Mountain Bike


For 2017 RIP 9 RDO 27.5+ 3-Star XT Complete Mountain Bike, Niner took what was arguably the ultimate in trail bikes and threw in some tweaks to push it even further into the all-mountain realm. In doing so, it also ushers in 27.5+ tires, an act of heresy that only makes sense in the Niner genre when you step back and see the similarity in circumference between that classic 29er tire and the smaller-wheeled, yet decidedly donut-sized 27.5+ rabble-rouser. All at once Longer, slacker, and paradoxically more responsive on climbs, the RIP 9’s versatile [R]Evolution geometry shreds rock gardens as eagerly as it scales steep grades. This build gets dressed up in Shimano’s precisely-shifting workhourse XT drivetrain, a dropper post, and Stan’s NoTubes hoops for a whole new level of fun in the dirt.

The frame’s versatility is heavily influenced by its Boost axle spacing. By bumping the rear axle out to 148mm, Niner was able to buy enough clearance at the bottom bracket to shorten the chainstays and sharpen the seat tube angle by 11mm and 2.5 degrees, respectively. These subtle changes make the rear triangle that much more responsive to input while also pushing the rider’s engine up over the pedals.

The stubby stays also keep the bike agile, but with a 67-degree head tube and 170mm of Lyrik forgiveness up front, it’s just as happy to try flattening everything in its path—or at least bailing you out when your lines start to get a bit too ambitious. In the event that discretion wins the day, the RIP 9’s longer top tube and short stem keep handling on-point, despite that low head tube angle, so you can always fall back on those dicey stays to navigate stretches of especially techy terrain.

There’s obviously a lot of new radness with the RIP 9, but two things remain pleasantly unchanged: the Race Day Optimized (RDO) construction method and the Constantly Varying Arc (CVA) suspension design. RDO involves a dual-compression process that eliminates resin pooling and allows precise control over wall-thickness. Reducing imperfections makes for a more structurally sound frame, and the targeted control over lay-up and wall thickness lets Niner buttress that structure where appropriate and reduce material where it’ll save weight without sacrificing stiffness. The result marks the nexus of low weight and efficient durability: a frame that’s equal to the abuse of the trail and the pedals.

The new RIP 9’s CVA suspension design is also unchanged, but it allows that design to play with 25mm more travel. This brings it up to 150mm and optimizes it for descending fast in hairy terrain while keeping it surprisingly responsive when you get on the gas. Unlike other designs, CVA is optimized for the increased bottom bracket drop inherent in 29ers, so it’s well suited to the similar dimensions of a 27.5+ platform. It tends to ride high in the travel with a controlled mid-stroke that balances pedal input and suspension travel, keeping it stable through rock gardens and snappy when you get on the pedals.

The frame’s finishing details are everything you’d expect from the obsessive developers at Niner, and our favorite new addition is the inclusion of a BSA threaded bottom bracket. PressFit shells may be lighter and more convenient, but the exact tolerances of a CNC-machined thread are unmatchable by today’s composite technology. The threading means bearing cups install perfectly, reducing wear over time and eliminating the creaks and groans that so often accompany PressFit models. Vulnerable frame bits are girded with titanium protection plates, and the frame also includes integrated batter storage in case you get the urge for electro shifting. As a 27.5+ build, the RIP 9 can clear 3in tires; if you’d prefer to restore order to the universe and run it as a 29er, it’ll accommodate 2.5in tires.

Niner commits 29er heresy with this 27.5+ trail bike

Six inches of CVA travel smooths gnarly terrain

Updated geometry climbs faster and descends harder

RDO carbon lay-up and compaction is lighter and stiffer

Compatible with electronic drivetrain routing and batteries

Plush tires add extra cushion on enduro terrain

Shimano’s workhorse XT drivetrain provides precise gear shifts


2017 Niner RIP 9 RDO 27.5+ 3-Star XT Complete Mountain Bike

Frame Material:

RDO carbon fiber



Rear Shock:

Rock Shox Monarch Plus RC3 Debonair

Rear Travel:



Rock Shox Lyrik RC Solo Air

Front Travel:



Shimano XT M8000 I-Spec II

Front Derailleur:


Rear Derailleur:

Shimano XT M8000 GS 11-speed Shadow Plus


32 t Race Face Turbine

Bottom Bracket:

Race Face BSA


11 – 46t Shimano XT M8000


Shimano XT HG-701 11-speed


Shimano XT M8000

Brake Type:

hydraulic disc


[front] 180mm Shimano RT86 Ice Tech, [rear] 160mm Shimano RT86 Ice Tech


Race Face Aeffect

Handlebar Rise:


Handlebar Width:



Niner Grrrips lock-on


Race Face Aeffect 35mm clamp


Niner Custom with Cr-Mo Rails


KS Dropzone R


Stan’s NoTubes Neo/ZTR Baron S1

Front Axle:

15 x 110m Boost

Rear Axle:

12 x 148mm Boost


[front] Maxxis Rekon+ DC/EXO/TR, [rear] Maxxis Ikon+ 3C/EXO/TR

Tire Size:

[front] 27.5 x 2.8in, [rear] 27.5 x 2.8in

Recommended Use:

all-mountain, enduro

Manufacturer Warranty:

5 years on frame

Actual Weight:

Carbon/Green, L: 13330g


2017 Niner RIP 9 RDO 27.5+ 3-Star XT Complete Mountain Bike


160mm Travel Fork
  Seat Tube


Effective Top Tube






Stand Over Head Tube


Head Tube Angle


Seat Tube Angle


Bottom Bracket Drop




S 16in 22.7in 24.6in 16.3in 27.9in 3.7in 67o 75.5o 1.1in 17.3in 45.8in
M 17in 23.3in 24.8in 16.9in 28.8in 3.9in 67o 75.5o 1.1in 17.3in 46.4in
L 19in 24.2in 25.1in 17.7in 30in 4.3in 67o 75.5o 1.1in 17.3in 47.4in
XL 21in 25.3in 25.7in 18.6in 31.3in 4.9in 67o 75.5o 1.1in 17.3in 48.5in
170mm Travel Fork
  Seat Tube


Effective Top Tube






Stand Over Head Tube


Head Tube Angle


Seat Tube Angle


Bottom Bracket Drop




S 16in 22.8in 24.7in 16.1in 28in 3.7in 66.5o 75o 1in 17.3in 45.9in
M 17in 23.4in 24.9in 16.7in 29in 3.9in 66.5o 75o 1in 17.3in 46.5in
L 19in 24.3in 25.2in 17.5in 29.7in 4.3in 66.5o 75o 1in 17.3in 47.5in
XL 21in 25.3in 25.8in 18.4in 31.5in 4.9in 66.5o 75o 1in 17.3in 48.7in


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