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2017 Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy Carbon CC 27.5+ X01 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike


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2017 Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy Carbon CC 27.5+ X01 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike


The latest Tallboy Carbon CC 27.5+ X01 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike is an enigma. On one hand, it’s a Tallboy, which originally became a wagon-wheel staple because the always-planted nature of its VPP suspension has long made it ride the way we want a 29er to ride. On the other hand, SC’s inclusion of a flip chip in the upper linkage means it can toggle between the OG wagon wheel posture and this 27.5+ set-up. This effectively bends the bars of the previous Tallboy’s XC-only cage, giving it more freedom to explore the open pastures of all-mountain riding.

This free-range tendency is further reinforced by the new Tallboy’s longer, slacker, and more travel-ier frame, and the addition of SRAM’s X01 Eagle 12-speed, one-by drivetrain is yet more mark in the more-than-just-XC column. See? An enigma. And rather than try to pigeonhole it in an arbitrary category based on travel and head tube angle, we find the best way to treat the new free-range Tallboy is to give it free reign on any trail this side of gnarly DH courses.

Given the revolutionary 27.5+ status it confers on the Tallboy, it’s worth pausing to dwell on the flip chip. First seen on the five-inch Hightower, the flip chip was developed to allow riders to switch between 29er and 27.5+ wheel sizes. This results in a slight change in head tube angle on the Hightower; however, Santa Cruz has fine-tuned this technology to allow the geometry to remain exactly the same across each wheel size on the Tallboy. This means, depending on the day, your Tallboy 3 could be barreling with stability through gouged-up grassy trails and rock gardens, or floating over root-latticed switchbacks with the plush, quiet confidence of 27.5+ as it’s setup here.

Either way, the new Tallboy’s head tube angle leans it towards the trail side of the spectrum by dropping from its predecessor’s traditional 70.2 degrees to a more relaxed 68 degrees, and Santa Cruz managed to shave a little over 13mm off the chainstay length to bring them down to 17.01in. This, coupled with a longer reach and shorter stem, results in a bike with the snappiness you’ll need to dice through the tight and twisties and a stable, confident front end for diving off the XC course and into the white-knuckle stuff.

Geometry is only half the story, of course, and with such extensive changes, change-averse Tallboy fans will be pleased to learn that the Third Generation VPP suspension platform the Tallboy uses didn’t undergo any earth-shattering changes. In fact, it’s the same VPP that the Bronson 2.0 and 5010 2.0 received, inspired by the burlier Nomad, which means you get links that stay out of the way to accommodate a piggyback shock’s external can without giving up the bottle cage. Because of this, Santa Cruz was able to build the frame with more ground clearance, lower standover, and a stiffer design to complement the already stiff Boost back end.

Third generation VPP also receives a few tweaks to its tuning compared to older version, with its new curve deviating from the previous “U” shape and moving towards more of a flattened check mark, with less dramatic ramping on either end of the arc. This improves the suspension’s traction and compliance early and towards the middle of the stroke, lending more consistency and grip across root-laced, inconsistent trails. These changes thankfully don’t have any impact on acceleration, so the Tallboy remains just as nimble and responsive as its predecessors with an overall increase in consistency and bump compliance throughout your ride.

For all the changes listed above, the Tallboy’s Carbon CC construction remains the same. As with previous Carbon CC frames, the Tallboy requires less material to hit Santa Cruz’s stiffness targets without sacrificing any of the responsiveness of the less expensive, heavier Carbon C models. Both triangles are constructed as whole, monocoque pieces, which also contributes to keeping weight low because the carbon can be wrapped through junctures and around joints. This eliminates the artificial weak points of bonded frames and actually requires less material in the process. While it’s being cured, the frame is compacted from inside and out. This final step eliminates excess material and resin pooling, resulting in more structural integrity and, of course, additional weight savings.


2017 Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy Carbon CC 27.5+ X01 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike

A low-travel race bike that refuses to be caged as XC-only

4.3in of the latest VPP suspension keeps tires glued to the trail

Longer, slacker geometry adds more party to the Tallboy’s ride

Santa Cruz’s CC construction redefines our expectations of carbon

Flip chip in linkage preserves geometry on 27.5+ and 29in wheels

SRAM’s 12-speed drivetrain features the ultimate bailout gear

Santa Cruz Bicycles is never afraid to mess with success in pursuit of improvement


2017 Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy Carbon CC 27.5+ X01 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike

Frame Material:

Carbon CC



Rear Shock:

FOX Float Performance Elite

Rear Travel:

110 mm


FOX 34 Float Performance Elite

Front Travel:

130 mm


Cane Creek 40


SRAM X01 Eagle

Front Derailleur:


Rear Derailleur:

SRAM X01 Eagle

ISCG Tabs:



32 t SRAM X01 Eagle Carbon

Bottom Bracket:

73mm threaded


10 – 50 t SRAM XG-1295


SRAM X01 Eagle PowerLock



Brake Type:

hydraulic disc


180 / 180 mm Avid Centerline


Santa Cruz Carbon flat bar

Handlebar Width:

[sizes small – medium] 750 mm, [sizes large – xx-large] 780 mm


Santa Cruz Palmdale lock-on


Race Face Turbine Basic


WTB Silverado Team


[size small] RockShox Reverb Stealth 125mm, [sizes medium – x-large] RockShox Reverb Stealth 150mm, [size xx-large] RockShox Reverb Stealth 170mm

Seatpost Diameter:

31.6 mm


[rims] Race Face ARC 40


DT Swiss 350

Front Axle:

15 x 110mm Boost

Rear Axle:

12 x 148mm Boost


[front] Maxxis Rekon EXO 3C, [rear] Maxxis Rekon EXO

Tire Size:

27.5 x 2.8 in


not included

Recommended Use:

cross country, trail

Manufacturer Warranty:

lifetime on frame

Actual Weight:

Gloss Yellow/Emerald, M: 12570g



Hightower 1C
  Seat Tube


Effective Top Tube






Stand Over Head Tube


Head Tube Angle


Seat Tube Angle


Bottom Bracket Drop




M 16.5in 23.7in 23.8in 16.9in 27.9in 3.5in 67o 74.3o 1.3in 17.1in 45.9in
L 17.7in 24.5in 24.1in 17.2in 28.1in 3.9in 67o 74.3o 1.3in 17.1in 46.7in
XL 19.3in 25.6in 24.5in 18.7in 28.3in 4.3in 67o 74.3o 1.3in 17.1in 47.8in
  Seat Tube


Effective Top Tube






Stand Over Head Tube


Head Tube Angle


Seat Tube Angle


Bottom Bracket Drop




M 16.5in 23.7in 24in 16.8in 27.8in 3.5in 66.8o 74.1o 1.1in 17.1in 46in
L 17.7in 24.5in 24.2in 17.6in 27.9in 3.9in 66.8o 74.1o 1.1in 17.1in 46.8in
XL 19.3in 25.6in 24.6in 18.6in 28.2in 4.3in 66.8o 74.1o 1.1in 17.1in 48in


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