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2017 Santa Cruz Bicycles Nomad Carbon CC Monarch Plus Mountain Bike Frame


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2017 Santa Cruz Bicycles Nomad Carbon CC Monarch Plus Mountain Bike Frame


More than maybe any other frame rocking a DH-cum-enduro geometry, Santa Cruz’s Nomad Carbon CC Monarch Plus Mountain Bike Frame has served to chart the course of the riding style that’s all the rage in the all-mountain scene. This may be because that low, slack geometry doesn’t come with the weight penalty of yesteryear’s DH machines. It may also be because of the latest model of Santa Cruz’s Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) suspension, which takes advantage of that low weight with a pedaling platform that’s responsive to the point of personal injury. Or maybe it’s the good looks. Whatever the case, the only reason we can see to ride a different manufacturer’s 27.5in enduro sled is sponsor obligations — and even then, we might still consider riding a stealthily rebranded Nomad instead.

The Nomad’s qualities are especially evident on race day or anytime that its pedals are turned in anger. It’s got the Jekyll/Hyde dynamic of a bike that climbs like a trail machine but drops in with 6.5 glorious inches of DH appetite. The frame features the same material and build as 2015’s top Nomad model, which means that it remains Santa Cruz’s best. For the CC build, the engineers use a higher modulus carbon than the standard Carbon C model, so less material is required to hit the same strength and stiffness numbers. Less material equates to less weight, and, well, you can see where we’re going with this. Climbing and pure speed both benefit when there’s less mass for your engine to propel.

The frame’s two carbon triangles are built as whole pieces rather than glued together from disparate bits. This saves weight and increases structural integrity by allowing Santa Cruz to wrap carbon continuously through and around key junctures. This method reinforces the frame with less material while eliminating the artificial stress points that result from bonded construction methods. The carbon is also compacted from inside and out for a more even finish that avoids any structural defects, excess material build-up, and resin pooling for — you guessed it — even more weight savings.

All that carbon goodness meets at a VPP suspension platform, which returns for the new model year with the same improved mid-stroke support and small bump compliance that maintains snappy pedaling to take advantage of the stiff, lightweight chassis and efficient, 17.1in chainstays while piloting the Nomad’s 6.5in of travel to the top of your favorite runs. The system’s two counter-rotating links yield a vertical wheelpath in initial travel to maintain a firm pedaling feel over small bumps and climbs. As the bike compresses deeper into the suspension, the axle moves rearward to accommodate big hits for extra margin of error when you’re experimenting with the ragged edge of control. The suspension is governed by a RockShox Monarch Plus, whose Rapid Recovery feature encourages high riding to maintain contact with the trail across multiple successive impacts, further increasing speed and stability.

The biggest name in agro enduro frames

The Nomad’s 6.5in of VPP suspension define the genre

Slack, spacious stance runs roughshod over terrain

17in chainstays maintain agility in dicey situations

Peerless carbon cc construction pulls out all the stops


2017 Santa Cruz Bicycles Nomad Carbon CC Monarch Plus Mountain Bike Frame

Frame Material:

Carbon CC


Virtual Pivot Point

Wheel Size:


Rear Shock:

RockShox Monarch Plus RC3 DebonAir

Rear Travel:


Head Tube Diameter:

1-1/8 – 1-1/2in tapered

Headset Included:


Bottom Bracket Type:

BSA threaded

ISCG Tabs:

yes, ISCG 05

Cable Routing:


Front Derailleur Mount:


Brake Type:


Seatpost Diameter:


Rear Axle:

12 x 142mm

Recommended Use:


Manufacturer Warranty:



2017 Santa Cruz Bicycles Nomad Carbon CC Monarch Plus Mountain Bike Frame


  Seat Tube


Effective Top Tube






Stand Over Head Tube


Head Tube Angle


Seat Tube Angle


Bottom Bracket Height




S 15.5in 22in 23.3in 15.4in 28.6in 3.5in 65o 74.2o 13.4in 17.1in 45in
M 16.5in 23in 23.6in 16.3in 28.5in 3.9in 65o 74.2o 13.4in 17.1in 46.1in
L 18in 24in 24in 17.2in 28.8in 4.3in 65o 74.2o 13.4in 17.1in 47.1in
XL 19.5in 25in 24.3in 18.1in 29.2in 4.7in 65o 74.2o 13.4in 17.1in 48.2in


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